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The Rowanduz Archaeological Project (RAP) is a joint Boston University/Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) research project located in the area of modern Rowanduz/Soran in northeastern Erbil Province of Iraqi Kurdistan. The project was intitiated in 2012 to conduct archaeological surveys in the area of Rowanduz, Mudjesir, and Sidekan and to carry out excavations at the sites of Qalaat Mudjesir, possibly part of the ancient kingdom of Musasir in the early Iron Age, and at the large mounded site of Gird-e Dasht just north of modern Soran. Michael Danti is the General Director of the project.

In the Early Iron Age, the area of modern Rowanduz likely formed the core of the kindgom of Musasir, a buffer state located on the northeastern frontier of the Late Assyrian Empire. Musasir is most famous for its temple of the god Haldi, whose cult was of critical importance to the kingdom of Urartu. Musasir was sacked by the Assyrian king Sargon II in his 8th campaign in 714 BC, an event that was recorded in texts and in relief carved slabs that decorated Sargon's capital of Khorsabad.









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